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Dental implants in Menorca

The dentals implants are small titanium screws inserted into the jawbone that will be the root to the new teeth.

We use them to replace missing teeth and to stabilize dentures that have excessive mobility .

If you are uncomfortable with your teeth and denture adhesive is a nuisance, our dental implant treatment in Menorca may be the right thing for you.

Fixed Teeth

This dental treatment possible with one or more dental implants, placing single crowns or bridges depending on the space available.

The teeth can also be fixed for  entire maxilla or mandible jaw if needed and this involves 6 to 8 dentals implants.

Removable Denture

This is a more economical solution or when there is little bone or gum available and a minimum number of two implants is needed to hold a denture . The removable denture can be removed for cleaning the teeth similar to its current manner.

With this dental implantology, fixation to the jaw is improved without the need to use adhesive and a smaller palate can be carried, which makes it more comfortable for the patient.