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Dental Clinic in Menorca

Clinica Dental San Luis in Menorca opened its doors in 2003 and has since continued effort year after year  to improve the quality of care and constantly renovate facilities.
The team of dentists in Menorca led by Dr Luis Recabarren brings together all the specialties that encompass current dentistry, offering personalized care to our patients. Continuing education and specialization are the key to providing high quality service and dental treatments without having to go through several different specialists.
Our bilingual staff will handle everything you need so you can feel at home.
The Dental Clinic in Menorca has facilities using the latest technology, and is able to perform the most complex procedures in modern dentistry, to meet the needs of our patients.
The Clinica Dental San Luis want to be your dental centre in Menorca and we appreciate your confidence in choosing us.
We hope you will enjoy your visit in our Dental Clinic in Menorca

Our Team of the Dental Clinic in Menorca

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Dr. Luis Recabarren

Licenciatura en Odontología por la U.N.C , 1999
  • Especialista Universitario en Implantología por la U.I.B, 2009
  • Especialista Universitario en Cirugía Oral por la U.I.B. , 2011
  • Posgrado en Ortodoncia ,grupo CEOSA , 2011
  • Certificación oficial en Ortodoncia Invisible , técnica Invisalign
  • Posgrado en Estética dental , grupo CEOSA, 2014

Vicky Olives Camps

Atención al paciente, Recepción, Auxiliar de Clínica.
dentists in mahon

Hannah Louise Gallimore

Atención al paciente, Recepción, Auxiliar de Clínica.

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