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Orthodontics in Menorca

Orthodontics is a dental treatment specializes in the perfect placement of the teeth, with numerous  aesthetic and health benefits . Healthy teeth in the correct position , and a balanced face that pleases the beholder , impact on patient self-esteem , and social acceptance.

Dental malposition causes not only aesthetic problems but can cause tooth fractures and gum problems that can  lead to the  loss of teeth.  Even under conditions of good hygiene, misplaced or contactless teeth are synonymous and with the past of time tooth loss almost inevitable.

Orthodontics Invisalign

Our invisible orthodontic treatment in Menorca is the invisible solution to align your teeth. It is a set of aligners that progressively move the teeth to the desired position.

These apply forces on the teeth to change  position , in the same way you would a bracket . Almost all orthodontic treatments using conventional techniques use brackets or irons which can be either  metallic or white, as well as being unsightly, these cause injury and  impede hygiene.

Some young people may be prescribed the same treatment as  an adult Invisalign patient. However, younger teens or those whose teeth still in eruption phase can be treated with Invisalign Teen, which is a dental treatment designed specifically for teenagers.