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Teeth whitening in Menorca

The colour of a tooth is determined , from birth , by the tonality of the core of the tooth ( dentin ) and refractoriness transparency and light enamel.

The colour of the core cannot be altered , however , over time the enamel can become tinted by substances such as snuff, lipstick , coffee , tea , tomato , etc.

Consequently, our teeth whitening in Menorca is a dental treatment that removes stained enamel, using chemical products, and all those particles that alter the original color.

There are two techniques available to perform teeth whitening:

In the dental clinic in Menorca, this is done in one or more visits with the aid of a light that accelerates the process, or one that is made in the patient’s home , in which a retainer in made to place a whitening gel . Both techniques are complementary or can be used separately.